Saturday, May 24, 2008

IPL fever !

When IPL was started, I made 3 predictions. First, Hyderabad is the strongest team of the IPL and they will run through all the other teams. And other is that the Rajasthan and Banglore are the weakest team, with Banglore having little edge over Rajasthan. Well atleast two of my prediction has gone awfully wrong. Team Hyderabad is competing with team Banglore for the last spot in the table tally. And Rajasthan is ravishing all other teams in the competition.
Well, I have reasons for my predictions. Just look at the line up of the Hyderabad team, Gilchrist, Symonds, Afridi all these players can be categorize as most devastating players of the game of cricket. On the other hand there are only 2 players to talk about in the Rajasthan line up, Warne and Smith. These players couldn’t be termed as serious players of the T20 game. Actually, there are some individual good performances from Hyderabad team. Gilchrist and Rohit Sharma features in the leading run scorer list and R P Singh is the leading wicket taker in the tournament. While in the case of Rajasthan only Warne features in the list of leading wicket taker, there is no one in leading run getter list. So, what makes team Rajasthan so successful and what went wrong for team Hyderabad? I am not still able to figure out.
Vijay Mallaya said that, his friends felt his team is more like test team. Guess what? I also got the same feeling. If BCCI is planning to have test series for IPL, my money would be on Banglore team. Seriously, there is no other serious T20 player (batsmen) in Banglore team, not surprisingly there performance is pathetic in the series.
Mumbai has made astonish come back. After loosing 4 games starting games, they won 6 games in a trot. Many are giving its credit to Sachin’s come back, I don’t know why? In none of the game in which Sachin appeared his contribution is significant. On the other hand it is Sanath Jaysuriya who is more instrumental in their wins. Well, in India we tends to get emotional with Sachin. No, doubt he is one of the finest player game has ever seen, but he is not a God. We should give credit to the deserving candidate.
Now, a days everyone is going against Shahrukh Khan, firstly Big B, then Amir Khan and now ICC. ICC has objection for Shahrukh’s presence in his own players dug outs. He owns Kolkota team. He is paying those players. And I don’t find any good reason for not allowing franchise owners to meet there players in their dug outs. I don’t know what is ICC point of contention there.
Rajasthan has confirmed its seat for semi-final and there are quit a few contenders for the other 3 berths. With Banglore and Hyderabad are virtually out of the competition, fight is between remaining 5 teams. I got the feeling that, Chennai, Punjab and Mumbai will make to the semis. Well, I am not going to put any money on them!

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