Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No more gentleman's game!

Hi…….Just concluded clash between India and Australia at SCGwas the record breaking 17 straight consecutive win for Australia, breaking the record of Steve Waugh of consecutive 16 wins. But, I real doubt that it would be remembered for the same reason. Because it was the test which has witnessed number of umpiring blunders and the most unsporting behavior of the host team in recent times. Just take a look of some of those………

Symond was out for atleast three times but he was not given out even once. He made a not out century (162). Give three lives to Kumble even he can score a century. But , why to blame Symonds, because it was Ponting who was leading them from the front. He want to win this match so much that, he downgraded himself and his team to play some cheap cricket. Even Gavaskar can’t resist himself. Let’s see what he has said about Ponting ……….

It was not the first time happening with Australia. Remember underarm delivery. They are the most talented team, but I am sorry to say they are the most unsporting and arrongant as well.

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