Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hurray......We Won!

Hi, I am writing this article after 2 days after the completion of IND-PAK T20 WC final. I have purposely waited for 2 days to write this article, just to get the reactions from all quarters. Praiseing is showering on Indian Team from all parts of the world. But there are some dissapointed fans of Pakistan Team who could'nt digest this loss and get indulge in blame game ( there is cricket community in orkut.com, and this is going on there). Well these are only emotions that are errupting in this form, we cant really blame them.
Well India went to the WC as underdogs with experience of only one match. No one was expecting India to achive this feat.But India has done this in a style that to by deafeting some of the best team in the world. Kapil has rightly said , now expectations are high from this team. If we could win upcoming series against Australia and Pakistan, then that will be cherry on the cake.
Now Dhoni is going to captain Indian team in the slightly longer version of the game and that to with all the seniors around. Dhoni has got every abillity to emerged as a great captain, what he need is support from the team specilly from seniors.It is really interesting to see how seniors gonna behave under Dhoni? It is really interesting to see how Dhoni gonna control seniors?

There is chance of winning a game after playing really bad, but their is no chance if the atmosphere is bad in dressing room......................I wish this never gonna happen.

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